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SBG Public Pipelines

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Seven Bridges Public Pipelines are ready-to-run bioinformatic analysis workflows. We've strung together apps that take you from raw data file to processed file or interpretable result. Small utility pipelines like Merge FASTQ Files are comprised of single apps. Use them to perform simple tasks and learn how pipelines are constructed. Pipelines that are more complicated - Variant Calling from Single Samples - BWA + GATK for example - reproduce published analyses so that you can process your data like a pro.

Browse a few pipelines, read their descriptions and take a look at their parts. Find one that fits your needs, copy it to your project, then run it as is or modify it to suit your data. If you need something entirely new, no problem - you can build from scratch using Seven Bridges visual editor. And if you haven’t opened an account yet, go ahead. It’s free.